Looking for the Loki Project? You’ve come to the right place! Loki has rebranded to become Oxen. Take a look around and enjoy the fresh new brand!

Privacy made simple.

We make it easy for both users and developers to access


Oxen’s class-leading privacy tech stack and products can help keep your project secure.


Building and using decentralised tech can be daunting. But not with Oxen — we’ve done the work, so you don’t have to.


Integrating Oxen’s communications libraries gives your software project next-level privacy and security.

The Oxen Blockchain


Oxen transactions are based on the CryptoNote protocol, making your transactions secure and private by default.


You can stake Oxen to run an Oxen Service Node, letting you earn $OXEN rewards while powering up the Oxen Network.


Oxen transactions are confirmed instantly without compromising on security or anonymity.

Open-source + built for everyone

Oxen is built by the Loki Foundation, a passionate team of advocates, creatives, and engineers building a world where the internet is open, software is free and accessible, and your privacy is protected.

The Loki Foundation also builds other platforms using Oxen technology, and supports other developers in building on Oxen.

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