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ORC-8 AMA: The Future of the Project

The Oxen top brass recently sat down to answer some of your burning questions about the future of the project. We're here with a summary of all the questions they answered, or you can check out the video for the full experience....

13 August 2023Chris McCabe

Oxen in person: events in 2023 and beyond

The two conferences we attended last month, Monerotopia and DRAPAC23, were unique, rewarding, and vibrant events. Here's a brief recap of our time at these conferences and our upcoming plans for future events....

29 June 2023Alex Linton

Lokinet AMA with the Team

Catch all the highlights of our recent Lokinet AMA. Alex recently caught up with Jason and the Lokinet team to chat all things related to the project and answer some burning community questions. ...

27 June 2023Wes Sukh

OXEN Monetisation Design: Lokinet Exit Marketplace

The Lokinet Exit Marketplace trustlessly connects Exit Providers with End Users. See the latest concepts for the project as we unveil the stepping stones to monetisation. ...

28 April 2023Alex Linton

Oxen @ Monerotopia

🎉The Oxen team is heading to Monerotopia 2023 — come say hi! ...

13 April 2023Alex Linton

Oxen Progress Tree: Bringing It All Back Home

Oxen has already made a lot of progress — but there is still work to be done. Take a look at everything we've achieved, and what's coming up next. ...

09 February 2023Chris McCabe

Upcoming mandatory service node upgrade

There will be a mandatory service node upgrade released in the coming weeks. The new binaries will be released on January 26 and all service nodes must be updated by February 9....

16 January 2023Alex Linton

Further Details About the Upcoming Lab Meeting

Recently there we announced some big news, and with 2022 quickly coming to a close, it’s an appropriate time for all the big decision-makers at the Oxen Labs to come together with the community to answer questions, discuss the future, and get ready f...

14 December 2022Alex Linton

AMA with CEO Chris McCabe

Fresh off the announcement that he was taking over as the Oxen CEO, Chris McCabe jumped into our community channel to answer some of your burning questions....

04 December 2022Chris McCabe

New leadership, new possibilities

Oxen, technology, and the world has changed a lot since we got started;  looking into the future, it’s time for Oxen to embrace new leadership — Chris McCabe is the new CEO of Oxen....

29 November 2022Chris McCabe

Mandatory service node update: Session, storage server, and small contributors

Mandatory service node update: Session, storage server, and small contributors

A new mandatory service node upgrade will be released on August 31, with a 2 week upgrade period ending on September 14. ...

24 August 2022Kee Jefferys

A crypto app that can actually be used for dating

Crypto and dating don't exactly go hand in hand. But is there a crypto app out there that can help you find true love? ...

10 July 2022Alex Linton

Reward batching: Wistful Wagyu’s killer feature

Wistful Wagyu is packing some huge upgrades including service node reward batching and changes to contributions....

13 June 2022Alex Linton