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Clean crypto: Creating a sustainable future for blockchain

Everyone in the crypto community knows Proof of Work consensus uses a lot of energy. People care about the climate. And if crypto doesn’t catch up with that mindset, it’s going to come up against a brick wall....

14 May 2021Alex Linton

The State of Digital Privacy: How Did We Get Here?

The state of privacy on the internet has been degrading for years. Let's take a look at how that happened and what can be done to fix it....

27 April 2021Tom Graham

Helicopter foundation: Letting our decentralised network fly on its own

Ever since service nodes were first introduced to the network, the foundation has been operating service nodes. It makes sense for the OPTF to run service nodes — but we wanted to see how the network would fare without our help....

26 April 2021Alex Linton

Lokinet goes next level: Integration in Session and other apps

With the arrival of Liblokinet, developers can easily integrate Lokinet as a library into their applications, opening up a whole new world of Lokinet use cases. ...

23 April 2021Alex Linton

Meet the new Lokinet. Bold in black and white. Pictured are the new light modes and dark modes for the refreshed Lokinet website.

Rebranding Lokinet: Shapes and vectors

Lokinet has always been the sleeping giant of the Oxen stack. Lokinet has come a long way since it was born back in 2018, and, now it’s time for us to refresh its look and feel to match the tech....

19 April 2021Josh Jessop-Smith

Oxen Hardfork (9.0.0 Audacious Aurochs)

Today, we are announcing the next Oxen hardfork. Check out the timeline for the release of Audacious Aurochs!...

19 April 2021Kee Jefferys

Community Airdrop Meme Competition

To promote the currently running Chainflip Airdrop, we are running a community meme competition (with Oxen prizes) — here's how you can enter!...

15 April 2021Admin

Chainflip Airdrop — Community Video Program

To promote the Chainflip airdrop we're running a community video program with an Oxen prize — here's how you can join in!...

30 March 2021Admin

Chainflip airdrop: How to get in on the action

Learn all about the Chainflip airdrop program: how to register, how to maximise your $FLIP gains, and all the other info you need!...

11 March 2021Admin

Session: The road to monetisation and $OXEN value capture

Session is seeing massive user growth, with 100+% increase in active user count in the past month alone. To capitalise on this and link Session user numbers to $OXEN value, we’re creating a Session Pro subscription to provide access to new power-user...

28 February 2021Admin

How to provide wOXEN-USDT liquidity — and earn rewards!

wOXEN is now live on Uniswap, and we're running a 60-day liquidity mining program. Read on to learn how to claim your share....

28 February 2021Admin

wOXEN and the Liquidity Mining Program: The future of wLOKI

We're launching a new wrapped token: wOXEN. We're also running a wOXEN-USDT liquidity mining program....

25 February 2021Admin

Oxen rebrand rollout: Our roadmap

Towards the end of 2020, we announced the biggest change to the Loki Project since launch: Loki is rebranding to become Oxen. There have been plenty of questions about what the rebrand entails, when everything will be happening, and what our users ne...

05 January 2021Admin