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Development is transitioning to Session Token

05 May 2024Alex Linton

After multiple years of development, the team is shifting their focus from Oxen to Session Token.

Following the discussion and comments made during ORC-8, the team is proceeding with the Session Token strategy and will be winding down development for Oxen. 

What happens to the Oxen Project now?

The coin will continue to exist – we do not have the ability to ‘shut down’ Oxen. However, development and marketing resources will be focused solely on Session Token. 

What do I do with my Oxen? 

We have created the Session Token Swap Program to bring the Oxen Community along to Session Token. By participating in the program, your Oxen will be destroyed and you will receive Session Tokens. 

You can read more details about the program here.

Why do the transition?

Session Token creates a more sustainable and transparent future for the project. It will: 

  • Unify the brand with our most successful product

  • Rework the tokenomics to better support the network and products

  • Open the door to powerful web3 integrations for the token, network, and product

You can read more about Session Token here.

When is the transition happening?

Session Token does not yet exist.

No date is locked in for the TGE or swap, although we have diverted development resources to designing and building Session Token.

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