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Community Airdrop Meme Competition

Community Airdrop Meme Competition

15 April 2021Admin

Meme Comp

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re probably aware that we’re currently running an airdrop program for Oxen Service Node operators. We’re very proud of the strength of our service node network (over 1515 nodes at time of writing), and it’s all the operators all around the world who make it possible. As a special thank you to our loyal service node ops, we decided to run an airdrop program. The Oxen team has secured an allocation of 4.5M FLIP, and is distributing that allocation to our service node operators. If you want all the juicy details, you can read about it here, but the TL;DR is: the program started on April 1st , it runs for 90 days (for those playing along at home, that’s August 5th), and it’s currently the only way to secure yourself some FLIP. With no public sale and an oversubscribed private sale, this is your only way to get yourself in early. It’s not too late to get in on the airdrop!  We’re only a few weeks in, there’s still plenty of FLIP to go around — head on over to the docs to find more information about operating or contributing to a service node.

Now, airdrops aren’t all fun and games… but we need to have some fun and games, right? The airdrop is bringing a whole bunch of new eyes to the Oxen project right now, and we’re seeing heaps of new faces popping up in the community. A bustling community is essential for any successful project, and we want to take this chance to introduce as many people to Oxen as possible. 

If you’ve ever hung out with the DeFi crowd before, you probably know that they love their memes. So as an homage to Chainflip’s DeFi roots, we’ve decided to run a meme competition. 

Teamwork makes the meme work

Put on your degen hats and crack a can of Mountain Dew, the theme for the meme competition is: Chainflip Airdrop. We want to see what our incredible community can come up with. Why are you going to pour your heart, soul, and Photoshop skills into making airdrop memes? Well, to become internet famous of course! Oh, and we’re giving away a bunch of OXEN as well (more on that later). You may be asking yourself what we’re looking for when we ask for Chainflip airdrop memes — if you want some inspiration, check out our examples below. Our resident social media guru, Cameron (also responds to King Cameron or Cammy) has been killing it with the airdrop memes (and we want to see if you can upstage him). Our only stipulations are that your memes must be related to the FLIP airdrop, and that they’re family friendly. Here’s some of his best work.

To participate in the competition just follow these simple steps

  1. Create your masterpiece

  2. Post it on Twitter

  3. Tag us at @Oxen_io

Show me the money

Of course, we don’t want to let a good turn (or meme) go unrewarded, so we’re offering OXEN prizes for our favourite memes. And of course, because we’re all about power to the people — there will be a people’s choice award as well, which will be awarded to the tweet with the most likes (no funny business — we’ll disqualify any memes with bot manipulation). The rewards are as follows: 

  • 200 Oxen for 1st place (and some juicy collectors edition merchandise)

  • 100 Oxen for 2nd place

  • 50 Oxen for 3rd place

  • 200 Oxen for the people’s choice (and some juicy collectors edition merchandise)

If you’re reading this, then submissions are open, so don’t sit on your hands for too long, get to it and start generating, creating, and editing your groundbreaking memes. Submissions will be open until 12pm AEST on Friday the 23rd of April. 

Keep an eye out for future competitions and programs we’re planning to run so we can work together on spreading the word of Oxen.

This program is an Oxen initiative, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to hop into our Telegram community channel, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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