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A crypto app that can actually be used for dating

Crypto dating is not a joke. Well, it kind of is. It's complicated.
11 July 2022Alex Linton

Crypto and dating don't exactly go hand in hand. If you ask a crypto twitter zealot, they'll probably make a joke about how people in crypto don't get dates. If you ask someone who barely knows what crypto is, they'll probably say the same thing.

Too many bros

This particular joke reached its zenith when the 'Lonely Ape Dating Club', a dating app for 'like-minded degens', was cancelled. The reason? Too many dudes. The tweet announcing the cancellation soon went viral.

Lonely ape dating club
Who wouldn't laugh at such a spectacular self-own, after all? Well, turns out it was a hoax — and it was specifically (and brilliantly) crafted to poke fun at one of the most prevalent stereotypes in the crypto community.

It's a funny joke, but obviously the reality is much different. Crypto is a rich and vivid industry full of millions of people.

Crypto tends to be an all-consuming thing — a lot of people who are into crypto are really into crypto. So it stands to reason that, when you're out on the dating scene, you might be looking for someone who apes into animal coins, flips NFTs (or at least knows what an NFT is), or at least shares some of your cypherpunk ideals.

Dangers of crypto dating apps

So if the BAYC dating app was fake, but can crypto and dating really mix? Well, imagining something based on Ethereum, there are some pretty real concerns that come with doxxing your ETH address on a niche dating app designed specifically for crypto people.

Did someone say honeypot?

Your wallet address combined with simple, public info like your Twitter profile pic or an Instagram post could make you an easy target for scammers and malicious hackers. In the blink of an eye your wallet is empty and your heart is broken.

The reality is that blockchains aren't (normally) very private, and when it comes to dating — privacy is important. So maybe this is not a match made in heaven after all?

Dangers of normal dating apps

We have seen time and time again how sensitive dating information is. Grindr has gotten into hot water time and time again for data leaks which, in some cases, threatened not only the privacy but the safety and wellbeing of their users.

Grindr isn't alone, in 2020 Tinder leaked 70,000 photos of women in a disastrous data breach. Seriously — dating apps might be a good place to meet people, but they're not really a good place to talk to people. They just lack the basic privacy and security that we all expect these days — and because of that, sometimes people get caught out.

Because of this, it's important to leave dating apps once you actually get chatting to someone. This is generally common practice, but you're not really improving your privacy if you go from Tinder to Instagram, are you?

Enter Session.

Message me back 🥺

Okay, Session might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a crypto app, and it's not exactly a dating app — but it does have a good mix of both.

If you're going to date someone, you're gonna wanna get 'em off the dating apps and onto a messaging app, right? What better place to do it than Session.

Because of the anonymity, security, and privacy offered by Session, it makes it an ideal platform to chat to potential prospects without exposing yourself to the dangers of less private messaging apps.

And if things are going steady? Well, you want to keep your convos with your partner private as well, right? Session is the perfect tool for that.

We're not just talking theoretically here — this is the reality. People are already using Session to chat to people they're interested in, to share things with their intimate partners, and stay safe while doing it. Check out this article that shines a light on how one person in particular uses Session ✨romantically✨.

Perfect match

Maybe one day there will be a web3 oasis where people can come together and find love privately, safely, and happily. Who knows, maybe it will be built on the Oxen Service Node Network?

In the mean time, Session is a great option for chatting — whether you're trying to line up a first date, or preparing a super secret special surprise for your anniversary.

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