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Further Details About the Upcoming Lab Meeting

Join Chris, Josh, Kee, and Jason live on stream as they answer your questions!
15 December 2022Alex Linton

The Oxen Team is hosting a Community Stream Event on December 20 at 11 AM AEDT. For those of you who aren’t in Australia, that’s 12 AM UTC. 

Recently there we announced some big news, and with 2022 quickly coming to a close, it’s an appropriate time for all the big decision-makers at the Oxen Labs to come together with the community to answer questions, discuss the future, and get ready for another big year. 

What is the Lab Meeting?

The Lab Meeting is a livestream event where you can get to know the members of our team, ask them questions, and chat with other members of the community. 

For those of you who have been around for a while, this event will be very similar to the Roundtables of old — but with a fresh coat of paint! 

Where is the Lab Meeting?

The initial live stream will be hosted on our YouTube channel. We understand that our community is global, and not everyone will be able to attend the stream while it happens, so the entire thing will be available on YouTube and Odysee after the event.

Stream Link

How do I ask a question? 

You can either submit a question in advance or during the stream. During the stream, we will have moderators watching both the Live Chat on YouTube as well as the Oxen Community on Session

The Oxen Community offers a more privacy-preserving way to ask questions than creating and using a Google account on YouTube. If you need help joining a Community on Session, check out our Session for Beginners guide.

If you want to submit a question in advance, you can use our form on SurveyMonkey. 

Submit a Question

Is there a theme for the event? 

No, there is no theme for questions or for the event. Feel free to ask questions about Oxen, Lokinet, Session, or the OPTF — there will be members of the team available to cover any questions you have about the project. 

We want to give everyone the chance to ask the questions they care about as opposed to placing a mandate for certain topics or questions. In the future, we may do more focused streams about particular products or topics, but this Lab Meeting will be open season! 

Who will be on the stream? 

We’ve booked an awesome cast of the most knowledgeable people about the project. You will see Chris, our CEO; Josh, our CMO; Kee, our CTO; and Jason, Chief Software Architect.

See you there! We look forward to you joining us on December 20.

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