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Weekly Dev Update #116

Weekly Dev Update #116

31 August 2020Admin

Hey Y’all, 

This week, the Session team worked on lots of little quality-of-life bug fixes. We’re also implementing a light mode, for those users who prefer to be blinded by their screen. The Lokinet team finished on the command line implementation for exit node tools and moved onto integrating exit node selection into the Lokinet GUI. The Loki Core team worked on Pulse code cleanup and searched for Pulse bugs on the devnet. We also welcomed a new developer, Kyle, who began working on bettering the Loki electron wallet user experience. 

Loki Core 

Loki Wallets

Loki Electron Wallet 


You can catch Jeff, the lead developer of LLARP, live streaming as he codes at https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519. He typically streams on Tuesday mornings, 9am – 12pm Eastern (US) time.

What went on last week with Lokinet: This week we finished off the exit tool plus various associated fixes and merged that (huge) PR into the `dev` branch.  We also started work on updating the GUI so that people other than Linux command-line freaks and lokiMQ hackers can start using Lokinet exit nodes, too. We updated the GUI both for compatibility with current Lokinet dev code, and to add a (quick-and-dirty) GUI exit configuration for broader Loki team testing. SRV record support is imminent with a working implementation already done and just a few last minute testing and fixes needed before PR and review this week. As usual, we also spent time investigating and fixing a few random issues that we’ve noticed over the week of nearly full-time daily exit use.

Lokinet PR Activity:


Session iOS 

Session Android

Session Desktop



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