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Weekly Dev Update #127

Weekly Dev Update #127

17 November 2020Admin

Hey Y’all, 

This week we released exit node support for Lokinet, with a new Windows and Linux GUI client. On the Session side of things, the team continued its work re-factoring the sending and receiving pipelines on iOS. Meanwhile, the Loki core team focused on some required patches for the 8.1.3 release, as well as some new features such as signing ASCII strings using your wallet keys. 

Loki Core 


You can catch Jeff, the lead developer of LLARP, live streaming as he codes at https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519. He typically streams on Tuesday mornings, 9am – 12pm Eastern (US) time.

What went on last week with Lokinet: We got the Lokinet 0.8.1 release for general use out the door last week for Windows and Linux users. On macOS we ran into some last minute issues which warranted holding back for some fixes — which we should have ready to go this week (along with a few other small fixes for Windows and Linux for minor issues that have been reported in the past few days). This means Lokinet users can start accessing sites via LNS names, and can start experimenting with exit node support! We’d love to get your feedback on what works and what doesn’t so don’t be afraid to file bug reports or come talk to us directly.

Lokinet PR Activity:


Session iOS

Message sending and receiving pipeline refactorisation https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios/pull/313, https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios/pull/311, https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios/pull/308 

Use LSRPC /v3 & fix open group profile picture bug https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios/pull/310 

Fix sender keys issues https://github.com/loki-project/session-ios/pull/312

Session Android

Session Desktop



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