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Weekly Dev Update #141

Weekly Dev Update #141

08 March 2021Admin

Hey y’all, 

This week the Oxen Core team continued work on the Oxen Name System for wallets. The Lokinet team migrated from Gtest to Catch2, merged support for Lokinet on Android, and tracked down and fixed a number of performance issues. The Session team continued work on multidevice syncing, responding to user feedback, and releasing a new version of multidevice which syncs empty contacts and profile pictures correctly. 

Oxen Core 

Most of the Oxen Core team is working on other projects this week, with Jason focusing on Lokinet and Sean working on the wOxen-Oxen bridge. However, we have made some further progress on ONS for wallets.


We spent last week polishing off and merging several large PRs, including core Android support and a long-overdue refactor of the core networking on job dispatching code. This also delivers some performance improvements and lays the groundwork for the QUIC tunneling that we need for liblokinet. We’re planning on making a new 0.8.4 stable public release this week with the various improvements we’ve made, and are pushing forward with getting a preliminary tunnelling library version of Lokinet (on the dev branch, for a 0.9.0 release) by early next week.


This week the team released a new multidevice version which syncs empty contacts and profile images, which should improve the multidevice experience. The team also worked on resolving issues with sending attachments, and continued fleshing out some upcoming features like saving draft conversations locally and screenshot notifications. 

Session iOS 

Session Android 

Session Desktop




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