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Weekly Dev Update #151

Weekly Dev Update #151

17 May 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

This week, the Session team primarily worked on V2 file server and open group changes, including updates to the client software to get ready to migrate from V1 to V2 when V1 groups are turned off. The Lokinet team worked on some bugs that were introduced into Lokinet in release 0.9.1, and continued working on support for macOS. Oxen core worked on crashes and bugs in the Oxen mobile wallets and furthered progress towards easier setup for local test environments. 

Oxen Core


This past week in Lokinet saw us put out two releases: a 0.9.1 last week which included numerous fixes for minor issues that have appeared up since the hardfork, and then a follow-up 0.9.2 released today which fixes a few last minute client-related issues that crept into the 0.9.1 release. Aside from these fixes, we've been focussing on a refactor of how Lokinet runs, particularly on macOS, where our experience has never been particularly smooth (and stopped working entirely for at least some Big Sur users). We're now pursuing dividing up how the Lokinet daemon runs so it will be a smoother, more "mac-like" experience on macOS with additional spillover benefits to how Lokinet runs on other platforms as well.


Session Android 

Session Desktop 

Session iOS

Session Open Group Server 



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