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Weekly Dev Update #161

Weekly Dev Update #161

26 July 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

This week the Oxen core team continued working on Service Node payment batching, finishing off some final tests before we review and merge the code. The Lokinet team kept pushing forward on macOS support and looked into the viability of webRTC over Lokinet. The Session team added authenticated message retrieval into the Android and iOS Session clients alongside various performance and bugfixes. 

Oxen Core


This week we continued our efforts to get Lokinet integrated with the native Mac network extension API’s — which is taking longer than expected due to a lack of documentation on the macOS side. We also spent some time looking into how or if webRTC would need to be modified to work over Lokinet, with the intention of determining whether or not webRTC is a viable option for future support of voice calls in Session (over Lokinet). 


Session Android 

Session iOS

Session Desktop



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