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Weekly Dev Update #163

Weekly Dev Update #163

09 August 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

This week the Lokinet team continued working on the macOS application, with a specific focus on handling DNS requests through Lokinet — which remains as one of the final pieces to the macOS puzzle. The Session team did further research and prototyping on voice calling on Android and iOS. The Oxen core team started some new work, rewriting old wallet code and doing a bit of tinkering around the OxenMQ communications layer.

Oxen Core


We’ve continued to push through changes on the redesigned macOS interface and now have a working preliminary version that connects to the Lokinet network, using Apple-sanctioned interfaces that hopefully won’t break (unlike our previous versions) for future macOS updates. We have a few bits and pieces left to wire up (such as making system-level DNS requests properly trigger path builds) but are hoping to have a usable release by the end of this week. Once that’s done, our focus will be on putting out releases with the all-new GUI on all platforms.


Session Android 

Session iOS

Session Desktop 



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