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Weekly Dev Update #169

20 September 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

This week the Session desktop team released 1.7.2 —focused on fixing a bunch of small quality of life issues, such as timestamp issues and messaging highlighting. The Session mobile team continued to work on WebRTC calling, this week honing in on switching between video and voice calls, as well as the general UX of the calling experience. The Lokinet team built a nodejs wrapper for liblokinet, which ticks off another essential step towards liblokinet being ready for deployment in Session desktop. The Oxen core team worked on wallet3, making further progress on key derivation. The Oxen core team also worked on the Session open group server, moving ever closer to finishing up with the database schema changes, which will allow increased flexibility for SOGS operators. 

Oxen Core

Further updates to wallet3 work https://github.com/oxen-io/oxen-core/pull/1490 


This past week saw us focus on improving the interface for the embedded version of Lokinet (AKA "liblokinet"), developing language bindings for nodejs aimed at allowing for initial Lokinet testing and development in the desktop version of Session. We also remedied an issue with systemd support on slightly older Linux distributions, developed a new Windows route handler (to help fix IPv6 connectivity leaks on Windows), and developed a new RPC call which allows the new Lokinet GUI code to more efficiently interact with Lokinet.


Session Android 

Session iOS

  • Increase the max number of total messages loaded in conversations

  • Expire sync messages

  • Improve link previews

  • Fix threading and nested transaction crashes

  • Automatically add space after mention

  • Update translations

  • Fix configuration message crash where there might be invalid profile keys

  • Mark message as read and cancel delivered notification if there is a sync message coming in


Session Desktop 

Session Open Group Server 



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