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Weekly Dev Update #171

04 October 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

This week on core we primarily worked on wallet3 database changes as well as additional changes to the Service Node batching code before its eventual merge.

Oxen Core


We spent most of this week developing a “test” app with native calls routed over Lokinet. Though this app isn’t intended to be a finished product, it serves as a useful testbed for sending data through Lokinet and, in particular, liblokinet. This has helped us iron out some fixes and improvements to Lokinet connectivity. Thanks also to community member TechnicalTumbleweed for continuing to work through some packaging issues with CentOS.


This week the Android team focused on startup performance, which has been a little janky for users who are in multiple open groups. We have made some progress on this but there are still more fixes to come. The iOS team focused on bug fixes and implementing some changes to how we negotiate voice and video call connections. The desktop team focused on the webRTC calling UI. 

Session Android 

Session iOS


  • Fix iOS 15 nav bar/status bar UI issue

  • Fix notifications spam issues

  • Fix Session sharing functionality

  • Potentially fix a crash when setting nickname from null

  • Fix synced messages in open groups not be marked as sent

  • Fix disappearing messages not properly syncing

  • Add log sharing to help with troubleshooting

  • Other message handling crash fixes

Session Desktop 

Session Open Group Server 



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