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Weekly Dev Update #173

18 October 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all,

The Oxen core team continued their work on wallet 3, and now have a prototype view only wallet which has the ability to detect multi output Oxen transactions. The team also cleaned up a number of redundant code blocks. 

Oxen Core


This week saw various packaging updates (thanks to TechnicalTumbleweed, again, for testing and submitting update PRs); ongoing work on properly blocking ipv6 traffic when exit mode is enabled on Windows, and embedded Lokinet; new GUI packaging; and various CI infrastructure improvements that allow us to expand testing with the same resources (across all our CI tests).


The Session team worked on a release for unsend requests, which allow deletion of messages from other users' devices. The team also worked on a number of UI features, such as unbundling text captions from images which was causing issues with readability.

Session Android 

Session Desktop 

Session iOS 

  • Change Appearance based on system theme, Enable unsend requests, Fix notifications with no preview show "APN_message", Fix disappearing message not working in new chats, Change "Support" to "Debug Log", Split the image attachments from text in message bubbles https://github.com/oxen-io/session-ios/pull/524

Session Open Group Server 



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