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Weekly Dev Update #182

10 January 2022Jason Rhinelander

Hey y’all!  

After our Christmas/New Year break the Oxen team returned freshly rested and rearing to get back to working on new developments and updates happening across the project. Some team members took some extended Christmas vacation leave, but as of this week all devs are back in action.

Oxen Core


This week the Session team has been busy polishing off the calls support from the beta releases from last month, along with planning and beginning a few significant Session features for development and various small fixes and improvements. Since the last update the Session team has also welcomed two new developers, one concentrating on iOS and the other on Android. Looking forward, in addition to polishing off calls, the Session team’s focus over the next few weeks will be on adding global message search, message requests, new open group functionality, and Lokinet integration.

Session Android 

Session Desktop 

Session iOS 

Session Open Group Server

This week (and in the few days before the Christmas break) the new PySOGS backend has seen various improvements and features added to make the code more robust.  Several other features are also up-and-coming such as pinned messages, session ID blinding (so that other SOGS users can’t obtain your session ID without requesting it), more configurable room permissions (such as read-only rooms), and the ability to edit messages.


Lokinet has seen a handful of small fixes, as well as some new features around exit nodes.  Additionally the Lokinet team has been working hard to wrap an open source library for handling Windows route configuration to hopefully fix the Windows routing configuration issues once and for all.


Jason (standing in this week for Kee while he is on vacation)

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