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Weekly Dev Update #183

17 January 2022Jason Rhinelander

Hi all!

This week the Oxen devs were hard at work, as always, fixing bugs, adding features, and planning new capabilities. Most notably this past week we’ve spent a good amount of effort planning and brainstorming features for Session spam mitigation, discussed in more detail below.

Oxen Core


This week the Session team has been busy working on global search, fixing various bugs, and working on planning the implementation of spam mitigation features for Session.

Spam is a growing issue on Session, and so the team is developing and beginning to create a three-pronged approach to deal with it:

  • Session is introducing a concept called “message requests” which will group messages from unknown contacts into a secondary section of the app to better allow you to filter and choose who you want to talk to.

  • New versions of Session and SOGS will support “blinded” keys so that all participants in an open group will use quasi-random keys rather than having to reveal their actual Session ID.  Your contacts will be able to know that it’s you, but strangers will only see a random ID that doesn’t reveal your Session ID.

  • Users will be able to send introductory private messages to other open group users through the open group itself, allowing a user to choose whether they wish to initiate a Session conversation with a new contact, or decline the conversation, giving users more control over who knows their Session ID.

Session Android 

Session Desktop 

Session iOS 

Session Open Group Server


Lokinet saw a few small PRs this week, though mostly Lokinet devs were working on other areas of the project.


Jason (standing in this week for Kee while he is on vacation)

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