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Weekly Dev Update #22

Weekly Dev Update #22

12 November 2018Admin

Hey Y’all,

Another weekly Dev Update for you to peruse. Just a note, we’re moving Dev updates to Mondays instead of Fridays, so keep your eyes peeled each Monday.

Loki Messenger

LLARP / Lokinet

  • Released Lokinet 0.3.1: “Kuz Yolo”

  • Progress continues on libllarp

    • Started on Docker support

    • Fix endian in tun ip checksumming

    • Jsonrpc unit tests

    • Make sure HasPathToService actually has a sendable state

    • Client config gen to include a sample hidden service again

    • A lot of C++ correctness clean up

    • Always remove DHT node even if not valid

    • Update android version

    • Enable warnings as errors

    • Start to add tcp event support to windows

    • Updates for ancient raspi buildchain

    • Remove variable length assignments

  • DNS Library

    • Remove 2 second delay for prebuilt paths

  • GitHub Pulse Stats for the last week: Excluding merges, 6 authors have pushed 58 commits to master and 59 commits to all branches. On master, 164 files have changed and there have been 9,708 additions and 5,240 deletions.

Loki Core

Thanks,  Kee