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Weekly Dev Update #47

Weekly Dev Update #47

06 May 2019Admin

Hey Y’all,

This week we continue working towards building out Loki Messenger for iOS, improving the stability of Lokinet, and making progress on Service Node checkpointing.

Next week I will post a special version of the Dev Update specifically for Consensus. Hopefully we can show off some of the cool things people are building on Lokinet, and a bit of what we’re up to as well.

Loki Core

Loki Launcher

The Loki Launcher is a node JS package that will allow for the independent management of all the components to run a full Service Node. This includes managing Lokinet, lokid and the Loki storage server. When Loki Service Nodes begin to route data and store messages for Lokinet and Loki Messenger, the Loki Launcher will need to be run on every single Service Node.

Right now the Launcher is in a testing phase, so you should only use it on Testnet and Stagenet – though feedback/issues and pull requests would be greatly appreciated!

  • Continued Docker updates

  • Only called stdin.unref if it exists (macos vs linux?)

  • Add check to make sure your binaries aren’t directories

  • Lokinet shutdown monitor

  • Update submodules to point to newer binaries versions

  • startLokinet args bug fix

  • Convert storage server to read from lokid instead of lokinet

  • Move Lokinet config checks before imaginary config lock down

  • Add support for demonet

  • Can’t require lokid key for start as it may not exist yet

  • Replaced lokid with temporary lokid for demonet

  • Re-enable Lokinet logging

  • Disable lokid auto-flusher for now

  • Log and other various typo bug fixes

  • Make storage launch not stomp on overall config


If you’re lucky and join our Discord you might catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr

  • Master

  • Pull Requests

Loki Messenger

The Loki Messenger client is in a mostly complete state. Right now the focus is being put on the message server and integration with Lokinet and lokid.

Storage Server

Loki Messenger / Swarm Visualisation

We are building some visualisations of how Loki Messenger and Swarm storage works for Consensus.

Messenger Mobile (iOS and Android)

Loki Wallets

Loki Electron Wallet

We are currently looking for Chinese and Korean translators. We will pay a bounty of 200 Loki for each translation. Contact me @keejef on Telegram if you are interested.



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