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Weekly Dev Update #55

Weekly Dev Update #55

01 July 2019Admin

Hey Y’all, 

A big Dev Update this week  – especially for Loki Core with lots of pull requests needing to be merged as we work towards a final release. Last week we released the Loki Core 4.0.0 Hefty Heimdall testnet binaries, and the Loki Storage Server 1.0.0 binaries. We also released a new version of the Loki Launcher to tie everything together.

We would love it if everyone could jump onto testnet and run some Service Nodes using the Loki Launcher in the next few weeks  – you’ll be able to store messages for Loki Messenger for the first time! Bug reports are welcome! Please send them to their respective repositories on GitHub.

Loki Core

Loki Launcher

The Loki Launcher is a node JS package that will allow for the independent management of all the components required to run a full Service Node. This includes managing Lokinet, lokid and the Loki Storage Server. When Loki Service Nodes begin to route data and store messages for Lokinet and Loki Messenger, the Loki Launcher will need to be run on every single Service Node.

The Launcher is currently in a testing phase, so you should only use it on testnet and stagenet – feedback/issues and pull requests would be greatly appreciated though! 

What’s going on this week with Loki Launcher:

This week we got Loki Launcher ready to work for testnet binaries. This involved slightly adjusting the way Loki Launcher works, particularly how it downloads new Loki software.


  • Set default Storage Server port

  • PublicIPv4 option and auto-detection

  • Add 4.0 changes into testnet

  • Move clients.js and check-systemd.js into modes/

  • Move 3.0.6 migration into its own document

  • Add force-start support for pre-fork testing:


  • Update storage server parameter –sn-public-ip with –service-node-public-ip

  • Purge run_path

  • getStorageServerDataDir() to localize code to find it

  • waitForLokiKey() and make startLokinet stage check for it

  • Add waitForLokiKey status support

  • Migrate a large chunk of config work in start.js into config.js

  • Take arguments into config.js to have overrides better

  • Only configure enabled subsystems

  • Update storage server binary name from httpserver to loki-storage

  • Fix dedupe of nets

  • Make waitForKey cancellable

  • Handler numeric options better in the CLI parameter deduplication

  • Make launcherRecoveryMonitor respect subsystem enablement

  • Make status takes launcher CLI parameter into account

  • Adjust output/debug

  • Download-binaries on testnet now downloads the latest Storage Server and lokid releases

  • Fix missing ini library in config

Github Pulse: Excluding merges, 2 authors have pushed 38 commits to master and 38 commits to all branches. On master, 16 files have changed and there have been 607 additions and 367 deletions.


If you’re on our Discord you might catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519, https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr

What’s going on this week with Lokinet:

As part of our reliability work, we added more metrics and continued working on our path build failure messages, while cleaning up various things along the way. We also made sure the files Lokinet creates are of the correct permissions to avoid leaking any keys.


Pull Requests:

Loki Messenger Desktop 

Storage Server

Messenger Mobile (iOS and Android)



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