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Weekly Dev Update #56

Weekly Dev Update #56

08 July 2019Admin

Hey Y’all, 

We’ve been busy bug catching this week! The testnet period for 4.0.0 Hefty Heimdall is still running, and we’re still working hard to track down a number of bugs that have appeared.  

Last week we released the beta version of Loki Messenger, which was well received. Through testing we discovered a number of bugs so we’ve released an updated version which can be found on Github. 

Service Node operators should download and update to the 3.0.7 release which includes security patches for some DoS bugs found in Monero. Click here for instructions: https://lokidocs.com/ServiceNodes/SNFullGuide/#updating-your-binaries.

Loki Core

Loki Launcher

The Loki Launcher is a node JS package that will allow for the independent management of all the components required to run a full Service Node. This includes managing Lokinet, lokid, the Loki Storage Server and any other future applications we require. When Loki Service Nodes begin to route data and store messages for Lokinet and Loki Messenger, we’ll recommend that every single Service Node run the Loki Launcher.

What’s going on this week with Loki Launcher:

We released the updated Loki Launcher for the testnet and got some real world testing done. Several bugs were found and squashed. Additionally our 3.0.7 release turned more users to the launcher for the first time. We took on all the community feedback and tried to reduce confusion to improve the user experience.


  • Version mode added

  • Read version from package.json so versions match

  • Handle stale socket and permissions in client mode better

  • Output where download-binaries is saving the binaries to

  • Add addition checks to make sure saved PID is actually a launcher PID (not another process)

  • Non-interactive alias for daemon-start mode

  • Refactor launcher, stop functions so more modes can make sure the launcher is offline before making changes: fix-perms, download-binaries

  • Put a try/catch around reading launcher.pid so we don’t exit if launcher.pid doesn’t exist

  • Fix filesize path in download-binaries

  • Fix double callback in download-binaries github api 403 retry handler (mainly for CI)

  • Run testnet tests on CI (was only doing mainnet tests before)

  • Add storage/network paths if enabled to fix-perms

  • Only report lokid_key if blockchain is running to reduce confusion (file exists even when it’s not running)

  • Always use debug mode in tesnet CI

  • Prequal now creates the storage data_dir if it does not exist

  • Lock testnet to preleases only

  • Bump package.json from 0.0.3 to 0.0.10, so git users don’t report the wrong version

  • Node 12.x (LTS version) testing and support

  • Only check for lokid key if Storage Server is enabled

  • 0.0.11 version bump

  • Add loadBlockchainConfigFile to handle lokid options better

  • Mute additional version outputs to reduce confusion

  • Be sure to take loki.conf into account

  • Update README, link dev reports

  • Don’t output daemon library version

  • If start up times out, report error code 1 (mainly for the CI to let us know there’s a problem)

  • Fix interactive bug with STDIN input

  • Update ifconfig.me’s service URL

  • Add start-debug mode

  • Alias set-perms for fix-perms mode

  • Rely on passed in config more (don’t repeat the work)

  • Move IPv4 detection until after it backgrounds to reduce confusing output on start

  • Add changelog to README

  • Fix downloadGithubRepo retry to not restart all repos of download-binaries but just the repo it’s currently trying

  • Add start up crash handler for launcher when backgrounding

Github Pulse: Excluding merges, 1 author has pushed 41 commits to master and 41 commits to all branches. On master, 14 files have changed and there have been 479 additions and 198 deletions.


If you’re on our Discord you might catch Jeff or Ryan, the developers of LLARP, live streaming as they code: https://www.twitch.tv/uguu25519, https://www.twitch.tv/neuroscr

What’s going on this week with Lokinet:

We tried to remove cppbackport and refactor the configuration system, however after review we decided to revert some changes. We also attempted to fix the broken MacOS port and made some minor protocol improvements.


Pull Requests:

Loki Locker

After taking feedback from the Loki Locker beta testing period, we will soon be releasing an updated version for public usage.

Loki Messenger Desktop 

Storage Server

Messenger Mobile (iOS and Android)



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