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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #234

13 February 2023Kee Jefferys

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The Session team remains focused on our core goals of overhauling config messages, disappearing messages, and closed groups; however some team members were blocked while waiting some final message types to be added to libsession-util. Fortunately this meant those team members got to work on a number of bug fixes and QoL improvements, like fixing “original message not found” issues for iOS devices and updating timestamps to be more accurate to fix some out of order message issues. The Oxen core team made a major breakthrough in Ledger support, getting the Oxen wallet working on the Nano S+ which was due to an undocumented Ledger issue preventing logging, the core team also made progress on implementing ONS registrations into wallet3. The Lokinet team continued working on the internal code refactor, as well as liblokinet bugfinding and fixing. 

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop


Session Push Notification Server




Last week it was all hands on deck to prepare and release all of the new Oxen roadmap — or as we called it, the Progress Tree. In case you missed it, you should check out this blog, this video, and (of course) the Progress Tree itself. 

Getting the project ready for launch required a lot of coordination from the team, including work from Connor, Alex, Cam, Tom, and Wes to help Chris and I get everything together and deliver it to the community last week. Now that it’s published, we are excited to shift our attention back to actually completing the items that it lists. 

Although the week was very roadmap-focused, there were still some other things going on as well. 

The mandatory Service Node upgrade period ended, so we sent out some final comms to remind all operators to update. Over 1,700 nodes upgraded before the upgrade period ended.

Cam has been working on creating an evergreen database of social media content that other people on the team can draw from whenever he isn’t there to hand-deliver the content himself.

Alex, Sam and I have been working on a grant application for the OPTF. With Session’s very clear use case, we think the door may open for the foundation to receive funding to accelerate Session’s progress. 

We finalised and announced that we will be speaking at Monerotopia! We will probably have a couple of speakers there, and we are really looking forward to the event. Tim has also been working on organising another podcast appearance. Speaking of third party content, Lokinet got a shoutout from Rob Braxman shortly following his full review of Session

Wes has also been working on some formatting ahead of the finalisation of Annual Reviews for the OPTF from a couple years back. 

Alex also finished his work on the updated version of the Session whitepaper v2. He has handed it back to Kee for technical appraisal and they will probably have an additional co-editing session to wrap up before it is released. 

Wes and Tom have been working on updating and adding new tutorial videos for both Session and Oxen, as well as completing an audit of the Oxen docs — which is now pretty much complete and just awaiting the planned videos to be completed and added.

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