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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #235

20 February 2023Kee Jefferys

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Lots coming through the pipeline this week! On the Session team we continued with our laser focus on libsession integration, specifically targeting user configuration messages which are now almost completely finished. We’re also making very strong progress on the per platform integration of these new functions. Additionally, we’re working on fixing some issues with video calling and updating disappearing messages on Session desktop. The Oxen core team are working on ONS registration tracking down and crushing bugs, and will hopefully be moving on to ONS renewal shortly. The Lokinet team is making solid progress on finding issues in liblokinet, particularly investigating the .snode codepath for issues which may be manifesting as poor performance/stability in our iOS testing.

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Hey everyone, a slightly quieter week from marketing this week as we were finishing up projects that were running last week.

Alex has wrapped up his first version of the new Oxen lightpaper. I'm reviewing it at the moment and we'll continue to iterate it together. As you may have guessed based off of Chris’ Progress Tree article, we are going to be a) focusing more on Oxen this year, and; b) shifting how we actually talk about Oxen. We are using the lightpaper as a testing ground for some of the ideas we have about how to market Oxen going forward, so there are likely going to be multiple internal versions before a public version is released. 

Alex, Wes, and Tom combined to finish off a new set of Session tutorial videos. These include new tutorials for things like joining communities, adding contacts, making calls, and sending voice messages. Some of these things had been covered in tutorials before, but needed updating due to UI/UX changes. You’ll see these updated videos popping up on YouTube as well as within the Session HelpDesk. 

On the topic of support, Alex and Wes worked together to build some additional guidelines for Session support. As Session is continuing to gain more users, more support is needed (naturally). These guidelines make sure our support agents have the tools they need to provide effective and timely support. 

Alex and Wes are continuing work on formatting the Annual Reports. One is all but ticked off and they are hoping to have another done by the end of the month. 

In case you missed it, we’re going to Monerotopia! We are excited to be a part of this awesome conference, and we have already started preparing some of the materials we will need to make sure everyone gets the most out of us being there. We will also be attending another conference—also in May—and Alex and Sam have been working together to refine proposals for our panels and/or speaking roles at the event. 

That’s all for this week — see you next time. 

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