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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #236

27 February 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team made lots of progress on libsession integration, with the final parts of the libsession library being all but finished. The Lokinet team tracked down a few more pressing issues in liblokinet which could be causing degraded performance or packet loss and are aiming to work on fixes over the coming weeks. The core team focused on ONS registration and renewal in wallet3 which is tracking well. Service Node registration in wallet3 will be up next. 

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Bugfix release Release 2.2.8

  • Added a warning prompt the first time someone uses Giphy

  • Fixed an issue where mentions weren't working in groups

  • Fixed an issue where the voice recording could break the input view

  • Update the share extension to always show 'Note to Self' first

  • Fixed an issue where the app would attempt to register for push notifications on launch even before onboarding

  • Fix quoting in community chats

  • Updated the PathVC to indicate the network reachability

  • Updated messages sent to 'Note to Self' to properly indicate whether they were sent to the swarm

  • Simplified the behaviour of sending 'Note to Self' messages to the swarm (make them behave like other messages)

  • Added logic to indicate when a sync message failed to send (and the ability to retry)

  • Added the retry/resync button to the long press message menu

  • Updated sync messages to run via the MessageSendJob (so they have a built-in retry mechanism)

  • Updated the delivery status to always show on the last outgoing message

  • Updated the logic to update the delivery status when retrying to send a failed message

  • Started caching pending ReadReceipt messages to resolve an edge-case

  • Fixed an issue where read receipts could be sent for already read messages

  • Fixed an issue where the read state change might not update the UI

Session Desktop

Session Push notification server 




This week we kept progressing our backyard clean-up of the Oxen and Session tutorials and documentation. The Session tutorial videos were pretty much wrapped up last week, and now we have moved onto Oxen videos. 

Unlike Session, which needed to have some videos updated, in many cases Oxen didn’t really have these kinds of videos to begin with, so we did some planning to figure out what materials were needed and where they’d be useful. So far we’ve recorded tutorials for setting up the GUI wallet, using the block explorer, staking, sending and receiving transactions, and registering an ONS. 

Wes has also started planning an ‘Oxen 101’ series. This video series will provide some introductory coverage of important parts of Oxen — like service nodes and ONS. 

We also found some broken web links on the Oxen website, they were damaging our SEO ranking so we’ve repaired all of those. 

Cam is away at the moment, so the team has been coming together to cover socials. It has been great to see the collaboration and teamwork from everyone to keep the socials ticking — and some posts, like this clip from the Session Tapes and this Cam-esque tweet raked in engagement. We kept engagement and impressions up during the break, with a high over the weekend (Feb 25-26) due to some high performing content (20,000+ impressions on both days). 

Alex has been working with some other members of the team on a refreshed CRM setup. This will help us do a better job of keeping in touch with the people we meet along the way and make sure we’re maintaining the valuable connections that we make. 

Alex and I have been going back and forth on the Oxen Lightpaper, and we will look to start applying these concepts to other aspects of our marketing to further test the messaging.

We introduced our project to some new NGOs who we may work with in the future. It’s early days, but they would be interesting to work with. 

Formatting for our ‘20 and ‘21 Annual Reports is completed and currently pending the tick of approval.

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