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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #239

20 March 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week was a little slower than last week as we conducted a number of team all hands to improve communications and development processes. The Session team continued with their core tasks: overhauling user configuration messages, integrating libsession util, and working on disappearing messages. The core team was able to meet with a second auditor for Oxen Ledger integration and are now awaiting another quote as well as continuing work on ONS registrations. The Lokinet team continued their improvements on liblokinet with more changes coming down the pipeline to improve performance and reliability. 

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop



This week we had a lot of planning going on on the Oxen side of things, and more tutorial and support work continuing for Session. 

Wes worked on shorter edits of the Session Tapes for socials. Overall we have cut down the resources required to produce the episodes hugely this year, resulting in more time available to create mashups and cuts for extra content. 

Last week we made and released tutorials for clearing your Session data and reporting a bug, as well as updating the relevant support and documentation resources. 

On the Oxen side of things, Alex has been planning out a strategy and logic for an upcoming influencer campaign which will accompany the refresh. On a similar note, Cam had meetings with advertising reps who can help us access a broad crypto audience. 

Tim worked on some bot research for the Community Telegram channels, including automating responses to commonly asked questions.

Last but not least, Alex wrote updated meta descriptions for a bunch of existing and upcoming pages for the OPTF website. 

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