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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #241

03 April 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team continued on their primary task: replacing our old user config approach with a brand new and much more capable layer implemented using libsession. The core team signed a contract with an auditing firm which means our Ledger code audit should be moving forward shortly, which is one of the final steps to being in the mainline Ledger app. The Lokinet team was able to begin the first stages of the internal wire protocol refactor which should remove lots of complexity inside Lokinet and lead to some major performance and reliability improvements. Some work is also ongoing to add additional features to libsession such that Session clients can implement them at a later point, like sorting of pinned conversations, and ongoing work is still occurring on the Push notification server to remove reliance on clients being involved in pushing data to make notifications work and instead load more work onto the push notification server itself.

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop


Session Push Notification Server 

  • Ongoing work to move to a server side push notification strategy instead of relying on clients to push notifications which server relays 



We had an absolutely video filled week in the marketing team this week. 

First and foremost, Chris sat down with Alex for a live AMA. Unfortunately the transmission was interrupted by some internet woes at the Melbourne HQ — but the VOD can be found here. Given some questions (and answers) were missed due to the technical difficulties, we’ve lined up a follow-up AMA with Chris for this week, too. 

We also released four new videos in an Oxen 101 series. The 101s we made were about Blink, Lokinet, ONS, and Service Nodes. You can check them out by visiting the playlist on our YouTube. If there are other topics you’d like to see covered in a similar 101 format, let us know!

With Jason still in Melbourne, we made the most of our opportunity to get him in front of the camera — he recorded a video with Cam which you can watch here

After feedback from the community we have decided not to reimplement the Oxen Knights initiative. With that in mind, Alex still has some ideas about how the team can better engage and work with the community. He and I had a meeting about his concept, and once he has fleshed out some more details we’ll come back to the community once again for more feedback.

As Q1 drew to a close, we cast one eye back and one eye forward — we have been doing task-level planning for the upcoming quarter, wrapping up Q1 projects, and doing a mini-review of our processes and progress from Q1. Overall, the team has done a good job transitioning to new workflows and processes following the major review we did at the beginning of the year. Although there were some growing pains, we’ve already identified some of the stumbling blocks from Q1 projects and will look to improve yet again. 

Alex updated the board page on the OPTF website, and it is up-to-date for both members and directors as of the annual general meeting held last Thursday. Alex will be writing a summary of the meeting for publication on the OPTF website as soon as possible to keep the community in touch with the events of the meeting. 

Last but not least, Cam has been continuing to embed the new Session tutorial videos in the help centre and FAQs where relevant. 

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