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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #242

11 April 2023Kee Jefferys


This week we missed out on Friday and Monday due to Easter holidays, however we still managed to accomplish a lot. On the Session team we’ve hired a new Android developer to bring our Android team back up to two developers, matching the Session Desktop and iOS teams. We should see the pace of PR’s increase over the next few weeks on Android as the onboarding process runs its course. The Session team is primarily working on user config message updates, disappearing messages and some bug breather tasks which are detailed below. The Oxen core team is continuing their work on adding staking transaction types to wallet3, and managing the Leger audit which will kickoff on the 19th of April barring any unforeseen issues. The Lokinet team continued with their focus on refactoring liblokinet and Lokinet, as well as pulling out QUIC code into a general library for later usage. 

Oxen Core

Oxen MQ 


Session Android

Session iOS

WIP Job runner updates

  • Updated the JobRunner to support dependency injection

  • Updated the DataExtractionNotification to take a 'sentTimestamp' when created to reduce the chance for duplicates being sent

  • Fixed an issue where checking current and pending jobs wasn't including blocking jobs

  • Fixed an issue where the 'hasPendingOrRunningJob' check didn't actually include running jobs

  • Fixed some odd behaviours with job dependencies

  • Fixed an incorrect failure count check

Session Desktop



Because of Easter this week was a short week (and next week will be short too) in Melbourne, so we had lots to pack in. 

Alex, Cam, and I have been delegating for our Q2 marketing projects, including the Oxen refresh and preparing the post-refresh campaign for Oxen.

Cam has been holding meetings with some agencies which specialise in crypto PR, which will likely be helpful to us to get our new brand and message out into the world once we have refreshed. Alex has been curating an influencer and micro-influencer strategy as well, if there are influencers you personally recommend feel free to reach out to him and he’ll do an assessment on whether they’re a fit for us.

Wes created a new Oxen Media Kit, which will be a valuable document for reaching out to influencers, potential collaborators, and media outlets. 

He has also worked on an action plan for Q2 for customer service. As we get closer and closer to Session monetisation, it is pivotal that our support is able to scale.

Alex, Connor, and the product team have been revisiting some of the UI/UX designs for the upgrades to groups coming later in the year.

On the video side of things, Alex and Chris got together for another AMA, while Cam sat down with Jason to discuss liblokinet and libsession. 

We’re continuing to respond and apply for grants where appropriate. More and more keep popping up, so we are assessing which are suitable and worthwhile for us to apply for.  

With Monerotopia coming up next month, Alex has started preparing to make the most out of our appearance there, including putting together decks for our talks and ordering some business cards for the conference. 

Alex also had another round of edits on the whitepaper with Kee, that has been handed back to Kee and the rest of the tech-team for now to get some more technical information. 

‘Til next week. 

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