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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #244

25 April 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week was slightly interrupted due to a public holiday, but we're back on schedule now. The Session team's work on updated user config message management has now passed QA on iOS, is in its final stages of QA on Android, and on desktop we are hoping to get into QA this week. On the core team the Oxen Ledger audit has kicked off, with some last minute scrambling to finish off some unit testing. The Lokinet team has passed along a new version of liblokinet to the Session team for testing which should more effectively reuse paths, cutting latency created when spinning up new paths each time we talk to a destination. 

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop




Last week's big news is that Session and Oxen were both mentioned in a BBC article. Over the weekend, Meredith Whitaker (the president of Signal) reached out and invited us to sign on to an open letter being published in opposition to the UK govts proposed “Online Safety Bill”. This represents a watershed moment for Session, as our reputation among key players in the privacy tech industry continues its meteoric rise.

In order to make the most of this opportunity, Alex has been leveraging his previous experience as a journalist and Chris’ connections with local media to push this story out locally. Cam has also been connecting with content creators to set up interviews, and we are utilising our social media to its fullest capacity in order to ride the wave. It’s been all hands on deck to execute a cross-channel comms plan designed to raise awareness around this issue while building the Session brand.

Speaking of Session, you may have seen this blog circulating. Wes cooked this one up for us, and it is designed to leverage our huge social media audience and increase the number of beta testers that we have. Because Session is an app that pioneers new privacy technology, it can often require a lot of testing, so the more people we have involved in our beta program the better. If you would like to join, just follow the steps listed in the blog.

On the Oxen side of things, we have been getting ready to announce the design of the Lokinet exit marketplace, and producing a variety of different media to share that with you guys and communicate the different directions we might ultimately take the marketplace as well as the more straightforward information about technical implementation. That stuff is dropping later in the week so keep your eyes peeled 👀

We have also made progress with the planning for our influencer campaign — we’re just about ready to reach out to the people that we want to partner with, and we have been developing a top secret plan for working our way from small frys up to big kahunas. This will be a key promotional channel for our post-refresh marketing campaign, and we’re super excited to launch.

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