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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #246

09 May 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session Android team smashed out lots of little quality of life fixes, including fixes for scrolling, replies and message long pressing, all while continuing to push forward progress on user configuration messages. The Oxen team continued to engage with our Ledger app auditors and finished necessary testing suite logic, the audit is expected to run a little later because of some required communications between the Ledger and audit teams. The Lokinet team finished some designs for a Lokinet communications layer built on top of libQUICinet, and specified a new API to interact with Lokinet config files.

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Hey folks, I (Alex) am subbing in for Josh this week to bring you a special edition of the update from Monerotopia! Kee and I jetted off to the incredible Mexico City last week to meet up with other people who are working on and passionate about privacy. 

It has been an awesome experience here at Monerotopia, we’ve had a great time participating in the conference, and I want to give a special thanks to Doug and Sunita for welcoming non-Monero projects to this important forum. 

At the conference, we learnt more about some of the most exciting upgrades to Monero, including the work being done by Koe on Jamtis and Seraphis, fascinating research coming from Zano on untraceable staking (I’m looking forward to seeing the Zarcanum implementation), Reuben’s summary of Firo,  and the latest on DEXes like Particl’s BasicSwap and kayaba’s Serai. That barely scratches the surface of the work we saw that got us excited — the conference was so jam-packed with valuable and insightful talks from some of the finest minds in the entire space. 

Another thing which was great to see was the high level of Session adoption we saw from the community at Monerotopia. It’s good to see that people value the work that we have been doing on Session, and we got a lot of positive (and constructive) feedback about Session and the rest of the Oxen ecosystem while we were there. I’m excited to get back to Melbourne and consolidate on some of the ideas and opportunities which arose from the conference with the rest of the team. 

Overall, it was hugely beneficial to meet and chat to some of the most passionate privacy defenders in the world.

Back on home soil, the team has been hard at work on a few different things, including a new initiative for the Oxen and Session YouTube channel. We are developing a framework to guide, measure, and re-iteratively improve the growth of our YouTube channels. Video is a cornerstone of our overall content strategy, and we’re excited to hit the gas pedal in the coming months and take our channels to new heights.

We are also working on a new marketing strategy: sign and publish a new open letter every week. Only joking (gottem), but we did receive an offer from our friends at Threema to sign on to another open letter last week which addressed threats to encryption within the context of World Press Freedom Day. You can check it out here

As usual we are also working away at the promotional campaign that is slated to launch when we unveil the Oxen brand refresh. There is a very exciting key component to this campaign which has become our focus this week, and we should be able to begin sharing details about that in the coming weeks once we have done enough research and calculations to confirm that it will ultimately be viable.

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