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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #248

22 May 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team spent most of their time putting the finishing touches on user config releases, with additional regression and cross platform testing occurring internally. Disappearing message updates and notification updates are also coming along quickly, and we also released a slew of small UI and QoL changes. On the Oxen team the Ledger audit is still unfortunately stalled while waiting for a response from the Ledger team, presumably they’re having quite a busy week with the recent controversies. The Lokinet team is continuing work on both the liblokinet refactor and internals refactor. 

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop



Hey folks, Alex here. Last week was a very busy week for the marketing team — the week is bookended by two conferences, Monerotopia beforehand, and DRAPAC afterwards. Because of that, it was all hands on deck to make sure that projects continued progressing and there was minimal disruption to our efforts.

We took the opportunity to film and release an episode of the Session Tapes. For those of you who were unable to join in via Twitter Spaces, here is the YouTube video. We also officially added Cam to the roster of our in-house ‘privacy experts’, as he made an appearance for the second edition of privacy reacts — you can check that one out here

We are also currently investing some time in a YouTube-specific growth plan. If you have feedback about the Session Tapes or any of our other regular video content, please let us know! I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts about our approach and suggestions or other content ideas.

While I was in Mexico City I recorded a lot of footage of the city, but being a privacy-centric conference, I didn't get a lot of opportunities to take footage or pictures at the event itself. I know a lot of you are chomping at the bit for some Monerotopia-related content, and while there will definitely be content resulting from the conference, I had more pressing priorities last week so it is a little delayed. 

I was also preparing for DRAPAC, a digital rights assembly in Thailand organised by our friends at EngageMedia. We are running three sessions at the event, and so spent time prepping for those as well as reaching out to some partners and (future-) friends that I wanted to catch up with while in Thailand.

We have also been working more on influencer campaign planning. We want the campaign to be transparent and effective — no secret shills or anything underhanded. We’ve found a group of influencers we think will be effective for Oxen, have signed off on them internally, and will now reach out and try to develop relationships ahead of the refresh. 

Last but not least, Cam has been doing work on upgrading the Session Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is a common first stop for learning about new tech, so we want it to be a bit more thorough and descriptive than it is at the moment — but need to make sure our changes fall within Wikipedia guidelines.

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