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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #250

06 June 2023Kee Jefferys

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Happy to celebrate the 250th Oxen labs update! On this day 5 years ago we did our first dev update and I’m stoked that we’re keeping the institution going, here's to another 5 years of dev updates! For a special look back at the last 5 years, check out the video above where I read through some old dev updates and reminisce. 

This week the Session team published a prerelease on Android which is currently being tested. This prerelease fixes a number of the most frequent crashes and ANR (App Not Responding) issues on Android. The larger Session team continued their work on user config which is inching closer to release, just picking up the final cross platform issues in testing before we move to an internal test. The core team broke off to work on some Libsession tasks but also completed additional work on the Oxen storage server, as well as continuing to engage with the Ledger auditors. The Lokinet team made huge progress with internal testing of libquic, which is saturating a 60MBps connection in local environments and achieving about 15MBps when running connecting via libquic remotely over the internet. As a first test this is great, but we are hoping to squeeze even more performance out of libquic with some further analysis of bottlenecks and bugs this week.

Oxen Core


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop



GM Last week in the Oxen labs the marketing team continued work on planning our brand refresh marketing campaign and OPTF grant applications. We also undertook some data analysis as a part of our regular process optimisation for social media.

The marketing tactics which comprise the awareness and conversion stages of our funnel are now largely planned and ready to be deployed when the campaign launches, with the remainder of the work relating to the retention tactics. 

OPTF grant applications continue, with several organisations identified as potential donors. We like our chances of having the applications accepted, and even got to sit down with a VIP from one of these organisations while Alex and Sam were at DRAPAC 2023 in Chiang Mai 2 weeks ago which opened more doors for us. These grants will be a serious boon for the project.

We always want to know that whatever we’re doing is as effective as possible. When it comes to social media and other content production, that means a serious content auditing process. Last week we undertook this process and analysed all the available data in order to glean insights that allow us to re-iteratively improve our strategy going forward.

Seeya next time!

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