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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #251

13 June 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team pushed out the Session Android point release to all users, initial results look really promising for reducing crashes and ANR’s, going from 3.8 crashes per 1000 devices per hour to 0.3 in crashes per 1000 devices per hour, we are seeing similar results for ANRs, this is just initial results so we will see how this develops over time. In other exciting Session news we now have our candidate builds for user config internal testing and imminently kicking that process. The Lokinet team is making big progress improving libquic performance with localhost and network connections gaining increased throughput this week, with much more performance to be eked out. 

Oxen Core

We have temporarily paused work on the Oxen Ledger wallet and wallet 3 while we recalibrate our immediate priorities for Oxen Core. 

We are investigating a few new developments which could be relevant to us, so we want to do our due diligence before continuing. Although it's exciting, it's too early to discuss publicly, but we will keep the community updated when we have news to share.

While we explore these opportunities, Oxen core developer time will be focused on libsession-util and Lokinet.  


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop

Session community server (PySOGS)

Session Push notification server 



  • libquic perform testing, optimizations and improvements (One, Two, Three)



Last week in the marketing labs, we created some very successful content related to the 10th anniversary of the Snowden leaks, continued on the strategy side of the upcoming Oxen brand refresh marketing campaign, began working on a community growth and engagement plan (to be launched alongside the refresh marketing campaign) and began executing our YouTube growth plan.

On June 6th 2013, Edward Snowden leaked the first of many documents which would shine light on global mass surveillance conducted by several of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. To commemorate his actions, and to start a discussion around them, we ran several pieces of content which were very well received by our audience. 

The Oxen brand refresh campaign planning continues, one highlight from last week was customer journey mapping. This process combines the insights from the marketing funnel and the target audiences which we have designed, and plots a course through the marketing funnel for our target audiences. This process is super valuable for identifying areas of the campaign that need to be changed or upgraded to be more effective, and ensures that the campaign achieves its goals.

We have also begun working on a community growth and engagement plan to be launched alongside the promotional campaign. This is extremely important for retention of new community members, and it will likely involve a bunch of opportunities for new and existing communities to engage meaningfully with the team and provide feedback, as well as being rewarded for positive contributions to the community and do the project.

Lastly, having finalised the planning for our YouTube growth plan recently, we have moved on to actioning the plan. A variety of strategies are being employed, and we have been planning and scheduling video content far more in advance than we previously have in order to maintain a consistent post schedule and optimise channel growth.

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