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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #253

27 June 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team continued its work on user configuration, with a number of bugs being discovered through internal testing and fixed, including bugs which would prevent profile images from being loaded in some cases and would change the way conversations were restored. The Session team also pushed forward with miscellaneous tasks to improve libSession and implement new push notification server endpoints. The Lokinet team continued to build out libQUIC, bugs were resolved which means that performance in networked connections is way up, now regularly reaching full saturation on network connections between nodes.


Session Android

Session iOS

Session Desktop

Session community server (PySOGS)

Session Push notification server 




Hey y’all, as Q2 comes to a close we are once again taking stock of our projects, reprioritising, and forging a path ahead. 

Last week we hosted the Lokinet AMA Live Stream, inc. the wonderful Jason and Tom. The stream went really well, thanks to all who asked questions and tuned in — it was some of the most engagement we’ve gotten on an Oxen livestream. 

After the event, Tim got to work summarising the questions and answers for those who would rather read a summary, which should be published soon. 

Wes collaborated with our faithful leader, Chris, to create a set-up video for the privacy phone giveaway. Although we did look into doing some further collaboration around this giveaway, this promotion ended up proving well and truly worthwhile — 200,000+ views on the original tweet, plus all of the other content which emerged from the giveaway. We will definitely do more campaigns like this in the future — across other brands, too — and we are open to the community’s ideas about strategies they think will be worthwhile. 

As Session continues to grow (we will likely be announcing another MAU milestone soon, but you didn’t hear it from me 👀), it is opening up doors for us to collaborate and partner with other folks in the space. This week we had a few meetings with potential partners and some very intelligent people who we would be excited to work with in the future. Obviously there is only so much that we can say on this front — but I wanted to let you know that there is action going on behind the curtain.

This week Alex and Sam also sat down to hammer out the OPTF’s strategic goals for the back half of this year. The OPTF has made a lot of inroads over the last year, but there is still more work to be done. Thanks to the success of Session, the foundation is gaining a lot more legitimacy and is now being more widely discussed, accepted to attend events, and collaborate with influential figures in the space. We want to keep that momentum up as much as possible and make sure the foundation is a strong support for Oxen and Session. 

Sam and Alex also put together a session proposal for an upcoming conference later this year — which could connect us with a bunch of potential Session and Oxen users. 

‘Til next time. 

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