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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #255

10 July 2023Kee Jefferys


The Session team recently pushed a pre-release version of the user config update to a select group of power users. These users were successful in identifying several bugs, which the Session team is currently in the process of fixing. The aim is to provide a final test release addressing these identified issues, before moving towards a broader release. We're nearing completion! 

Meanwhile, the Lokinet team has been focusing on libQUIC, with a particular emphasis this week on datagram support. This will allow libQUIC to send chunks of data without needing retransmissions and acknowledgements, thus reducing overhead. This is beneficial for most types of data sent using libQUIC, as it empowers the application sending the data to handle reliable data transmission themselves.


Session iOS

Session Desktop

Session Android


Oxen Storage Server




Last week in marketing, it was all things Q3 and beyond, as we dived head first into the quarter. This meant jumping into both strategic planning and rolling out new content as we ready to take the project into the next phase. 

To achieve this both Alex and Cam were hard at work smashing out the critical infrastructure that has become a top priority for the Marketing team. Leading from the front, they were busy setting up the team with loaded plates, as we looked into the viability of  expanding our short form content for Oxen and set out our Twitter content planning for July. 

As all things marketing go; platforms and demands shift — and for us, this has meant keeping a close eye on the ever changing landscape known as Twitter. Currently we are keeping a close eye on the new kid on the block—Threads—investigating where our users need us, and making sure that we are up to date with the most effective ways to communicate with our target audience.  

In Session related news, last week we saw Apple sign the open letter that was put forward to protest the UK’s anti encryption bill. It's incredible to see that what started with 8 signatures has now grown to over 70, signed by industry thought leaders and privacy pioneers. 

Last week was a strong week for video content, filming and releasing a great video on privacy tips for those beginning their journey into privacy tech, as we shift some of our focus to producing content better designed to attract new users through some research and experimentation with YouTube SEO. On top of that, in our effort to better drive our audience across our media platforms, we took to Twitter to find out what burning privacy questions our community had and filmed a couple of videos breaking down both those related to Session and ones that applied to everyday privacy. You can check out part 1 here.  

Last week the “This Is Session” hit a massive milestone, crossing the 1 million views mark on our Oxen channel. It's incredibly rewarding for us to see such a blossoming interest in the project and the Dapps that can be built on the network. 

Last but not least we took the time to sit down and review the successes, challenges and goals of our Customer Support in Q2. This allows us to jump into the next three months with a better understanding of how to serve our users and strengthen our support portal. 

See you next week folks.

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