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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #256

17 July 2023Kee Jefferys


This week was huge for the Session team, we finally released our user config updates to the general public, although they won't enable for roughly 2 weeks to make sure everyone has time to upgrade all their devices and get the full power of much improved multi-device syncing. The Lokinet team continued to work on libQUIC with the final parts of datagram support being put together, including new methods of splitting and rearranging packets as they are sent across the network. 


Session iOS

Session Desktop

Session Android 




Howdy – it's that time of the week again! Last week, the team was hard at work as we truly dived into the thick of our Q3 projects. This meant we were heads down, as we worked on pushing out more content, looked ahead to Q4, and prepped for the large upcoming few weeks. Content wise, Tom smashed out two massive video edits, pushing out both parts one and two of the “Privacy Experts Answer your Questions” series. These videos were designed to leverage our Twitter audience in order to promote the growth of Sessions YouTube channel by collecting questions directly from our Twitter followers. If you haven't, check out part one here, and part two here.

Cam also features in a top-of-funnel video designed to appeal those at the beginning of  their privacy journey, breaking down what metadata is, how all internet users create it, and how it can be collected and used by governments or Big Tech – so keep your eyes peeled for that one next week. 

Last week, Session was also nominated for Hackernoon's Startup of the Year 2023 award in the Oceania region. Recognition like this is not only a huge deal for our project but an excellent testament to both our community and the privacy tech space in general. We’re proud of what the project and the community have achieved with Session, and it's encouraging to see this kind of recognition. If you want to learn more or throw Session a vote, check it out here.

On the behind-the-scenes side of things – Sam and Wes continued to refine and work on some transparency documentation for The OPTF, making sure that we are always open and honest with our stakeholders. 

Finally, Wes and Alex sat down with our customer support team to review and refine our Q3 goals and touchpoints. This was following our end of Q2 revision the week prior, as we aimed to build the direction of our next quarter off the back of identified success’ and improvements. It's critical that customer support and marketing work side-by-side, looking at creating actions that improve our CS from the user perspective, and making sure that our audience gets the support they need as our platforms scale. 

Here’s to many more busy weeks! 

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