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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #259

08 August 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team continued work on our push notification refactor, which is nearing its final stages of development with only some remaining Huawei specific push notification issues to be resolved. The Session team is also actively working on merging user config and disappearing message branches on Android and Desktop and fixing any issues which come up as a result. The Lokinet team has started a WIP pr to integrate libQUIC into Lokinet to replace the wire protocol, this is in early stages but we are making good progress. The core team has progressed further into their investigation and prototyping of on-chain validation using BLS.  


Session Android

Session Desktop

Session iOS 

Oxen Core  

  • Work continues on draft implementation of BLS signature aggregation and validation smart contracts. This week we were able to get some better GAS numbers for a naive validation approach, we are now working on a new validation trick which should lead to major GAS improvements. 



Howdy! Last week in marketing, the team was heads down on the branding transition and strategy for the Session Network Token. This was following the first community reception to the ORC-8 and feedback from Chris, Kee and Jason, so we’re aiming to work as collaboratively as possible through this process.

In regards to the pivot,  Josh was leading from the front, working with Alex and Cam to refine SENT’s branding and value strategy. This meant hours of workshopping for the team, working through design iterations, and finding solutions for targeting/onboarding. With every step we take, we build out a more comprehensive vision for the Session Network Token, which means we get equally excited at the upcoming opportunities to share more with our community. 

Speaking of our community, we began organising a Project AMA that will be released very shortly — addressing, answering and acknowledging your questions about the transition. We know that this is a big moment for the project, and we take your questions seriously – so we’re bringing all of Oxen management together for this one. These questions have been sourced directly from our community through a survey link and from a range of commonly raised questions we found in both our Telegram and Session channels (ranging as far back as the first community announcement).  

Tim and Wes continued to hold down the fort last week across our brand media, working with Cam to push content out across our socials. With a timed update such as user config, it's critical that we continue to push out follow up comms and actively monitor the feedback left by our community. This enables us to identify any bugs or issues that come through these channels and work with the development team to find solutions as efficiently as possible. 

And finally we rounded off the week by doing a thorough audit of the Session Twitter for July, data which is used to inform and shape future media habits and growth. We specifically did a review of our copy styling, content formats and tracked key audience engagement metrics to see what was most successful and what we should focus on as our user base continues to grow. Until next week folks!

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