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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #261

22 August 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team progressed onto finishing up a number of tasks, new push notifications are complete on all platforms and progressing through QA, the same is true for the updated message request settings which are also now progressing or already finished being QA’d. This has freed up dev resources and we are now officially kicking off integration of libSession integration for closed groups which has taken a while but is going to be huge to increase stability of closed groups. The Lokinet team is continuing to integrate the massive performance and reliability gains they have made working on libQUIC into Lokinet, and making good progress. The core team is drawing together increasingly detailed plans for how the migration from Oxen to the Session token/SENT could occur this work is flowing well. 


Session Android

Session Desktop

Session iOS 


Oxen Core  

  • Work ongoing to improve BLS validation smart contract Gas efficiency 

  • Conduct tests of FLIP distribution to Service Node Ethereum addresses 



Howdy folks. Last week Josh was able to focus on branding direction whilst delegating crucial comms work to the rest of the team. 

After finishing work on branding outlines and design drafts, Josh used the week to review the multitude of mockups that have been created over the last few weeks, leaving feedback/making tweaks to designs and strategy outlines – ensuring that a presentable version is nearly complete. 

Last week we released our management wide AMA that answered all community questions relating to the ongoing rebranding. After sitting down the previous week to record, we set about editing, preparing socials and comms, so that our community were able to process the content in a variety of mediums. Over an hour long, management managed to tackle 23 submitted questions in depth, in the effort to ensure that our community is at the forefront of this big transition for the project. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here or read the blog that was released alongside it – and if you have any questions that weren’t covered you can drop them in the comments.  

 A key part of Session’s development is continuous discovery – where we work to ensure that our user research reflects the changing needs of our audience. Last week Wes worked with our Solutions Team to see how their user interview process works. Information from user interviews connects the marketing and development teams and helps us make choices about what to prioritise for Session. Working alongside the Solutions Team is critical for us as it provides marketing the opportunity to directly tap into the user experience in a personal capacity.

And Finally Tim, Tom and Wes continued to push out socials across both the Session and Oxen channels whilst Sam represented the OPTF in a meeting with another partner organisation.  It's important that The OPTF actively works with thought leaders and privacy representatives to research ways that our tech can positively impact the world. 

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