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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #270

24 October 2023Kee Jefferys

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This week the Session team continued efforts on disappearing messages on Android, iOS and Desktop. On each platform the team is now working on responding to QA feedback or implementing final changes to message request deletion on Community servers. All teams now have chunk 1 of the closed groups refactor through code review and into QA, meaning all teams have now commenced work on chunk 2 of closed groups. The Oxen core team continues to transition the already built smart contract prototypes into more hardened production ready code. The Lokinet team made quick progress this week getting Lokinet to compile again; this is huge, considering the nearly 60,000 Lines of code which have been changed in the overhaul of the wire protocol and other refactorisation. The Lokinet team is now moving closer and closer to getting internetwork communications back working again for internal testing.


Session Android

Session Desktop

Session iOS 


Oxen Core  

Oxen encoding 

EVM migration

  • Working on code review of existing prototype designs and improved smart contract design



Last week one of our key focuses was building a new community hub for Session Token on Discord. The research we completed last week gave us a good starting point to begin creating the channel, and we have now also started workshopping copy, support implementation and bot integration. Next week we will start testing the server with the team, and we're excited to share it with the community soon!'

We also began working on some content to better inform the OPTF’s followership. We are set to drop a few blogs over the next week which focus on digital privacy tech from an advocacy perspective.

Content-wise, Wes finished a new video edit which will be released on our YouTube channel over the next few days. This video will feature a fan fav, Cam, and targets privacy for beginners. Content that is relevant to a wider birth of viewers has performed well for us in the past,  so we approached that  format with this video breaking down why you should switch to a private messenger (in 2023).    

Lastly, Cam spent some time outlining an outreach plan for third party content related to private messaging. The aim is to have  an outreach strategy that has Session better promoted and mentioned in articles/content that discusses private messaging, digital security or data protection. Session is already a popular choice on several lists, like this article from earlier in the year. 

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