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What can be built?

What can be built on Oxen?

How can I contribute to the Oxen Network:

At Oxen, we prioritize the needs and interests of our community, which is why we've built an ecosystem that works for and with them. That's also why all of our work at Oxen is open source. Our network is powered by nearly 2,000 service nodes that provide the decentralized infrastructure necessary for our ecosystem to thrive.  These nodes are operated hand in hand with our community, and its these nodes that power Session, Lokinet and all oxen services; all digital privacy services designed to put control of your data where it belongs (that would be in your hands) .

But our network is not just for us - it's for everyone who is committed to digital privacy. By becoming a community contributor, you can play a vital role in strengthening the network while reaping the benefits of social, digital, and financial rewards. There are plenty of ways to get involved and make a meaningful impact on our network.

Service nodes:

If you're looking to make a meaningful contribution to the evergreen Oxen ecosystem, running a Service node is the most impactful way to do so. By running a Service node, you not only help strengthen the Oxen privacy suite, but also enhance its security and decentralization. Plus, you'll receive Oxen as a return for your contribution.

So what does this mean for the network? Well, as the decentralized community-run network grows stronger, it becomes increasingly resistant to Sybil attacks through market-based mechanisms. This approach effectively addresses several issues that plague traditional onion routers and privacy-centric services. By leveraging supply and demand dynamics, the system ensures that no single individual can amass an unfairly large stake in Oxen, thus safeguarding the second-layer privacy services that Oxen offers.

Running a service node powers everything; The Session network, Lokinet and the privacy ecosystem - reiterating the importance of our crusade for human rights in a digital space. -

Running Communities:

Running/Hosting a community on session has a direct impact on the privacy community and is the foundation of the Session/community management relationship. By running a community channel, you are facilitating free discussion and fostering communication between all people; regardless of a users access to normally moderated or censored tech. A session community is a haven for communication without censorship, metadata mining or risk of unjust identity exposure - a single SOGS can host thousands or participants.

Setting up a Community Server (SOGS) means that you can host, moderate and curate this discussion; whether your interested in sharing/collaborating with like minded people or if hosting safe a space of discussion for those who face persecution of free media or their digital rights.  You can learn more about setting up and hosting a Server here.


SNApss is an interface developed by the community to enhance Lokinet's functionality. With Lokinet SNApps, users can conveniently access various applications or services while staying completely within Lokinet's network, much like how Tor's hidden services work.

Using SNApps offers a higher level of anonymity compared to accessing externally hosted content via exit nodes. This means that our community is able to Set up, host and manage anonymous; whistle blowing websites, marketplaces and social media - expanding the usability, functionality and community of Lokinet.  You can read more about SNApps here, and how you can contribute/manage them.