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The $OXEN token is used for making secure, instant, anonymous transactions, staking to run Oxen Service Nodes, purchasing temporary and permanent usernames and domains for Session, Lokinet, and the Oxen Wallet.

Kucoin offers BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs. Bittrex offers BTC and USDT pairs, and TradeOgre offers a BTC pair. OXEN also offers a wrapped ERC20 token, wOXEN, which is available on UniSwap. OXEN and wOXEN can be swapped 1:1 using the wOXEN bridge.

$OXEN has an indefinite emissions tail offset by a robust token burning scheme. You can find information about current emissions on the Oxen Docs.

Managing inflation for a coin with indefinite emissions is always a challenge — but Oxen is backed by a comprehensive token burning scheme, including burning transaction fees, burning $OXEN used to purchase usernames and Lokinet domains, and more. Read more on the Oxen Docs.

Running an Oxen Service Node is easy! If you want to run your own node, you need 15,000 $OXEN (the staking requirement) and a reliable server to host the service node — check out our Service Node Setup Guide for some recommended server providers. Rather not deal with running the server yourself? You can stake into a shared service node! Check out the list of shared nodes awaiting contributions over at oxensn.com

The Oxen Service Node block reward is currently set at 16.5 $OXEN per block, meaning that every 2 minutes, one service node receives 16.5 $OXEN. How often your service node receives a reward can vary depending on the total number of nodes on the network — as of 28/03/2022, there are around 1800 nodes on the network, which works out to each node receiving a reward approximately every 60 hours. That means that, at current network size, each service node receives around 2400 $OXEN per year!