What is Oxen?
Why buy $OXEN?
How do I stake $OXEN?
Who uses Oxen?
What can be built?
Session & Lokinet
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Get involved

How can I get involved?

So you’ve read up on our token and our tech, and you’re ready to take the next step. Luckily, there are lots of ways to get involved with Oxen. You can buy and stake $OXEN to run an Oxen Service Node, powering up the Oxen network while earning staking rewards in the process. You can join the Oxen community on Telegram and Discord. You can download Session and Lokinet, and experience the future of decentralised privacy tech. You can even develop your own Lokinet SNApp, or make your existing site or service accessible over Lokinet, putting privacy back in the hands of your users. We believe Oxen is the future — and we can’t wait to have you on board. 

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