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Who uses Oxen?

Who uses Oxen?

The applications running on the Oxen network are useful for all kinds of people in every corner of the world. They are well-loved by privacy enthusiasts, security researchers, advanced technical users, and developers — but most of the people who use Oxen are just, well, normal people.

Session: Truly private conversations

Session is used all the way from Boston to Baghdad, by well over 500,000 people across more than 190 countries. Activists, journalists, and human rights defenders rely on Session to be able to communicate safely and effectively and complete their pivotal work. Regular people rely on Session to be able to talk freely with their friends and family without having to wonder whether their conversation is secure, needing to read and comprehend research papers outlining complicated technical information, or worrying who might be listening.

Session puts privacy and security in the hands of everyone — and, now more than ever, that’s something everyone needs. The internet isn’t as free and open as it once was. In today’s increasingly centralised and datamined world, the internet needs to evolve to fight back against the tech goliaths and authoritarian governments that collect and control obscene amounts of information about everyone they can.

Lokinet: Secure, censorship-resistant web browsing

Enter Lokinet. Lokinet is a more secure, more censorship-resistant internet. Much like onion routers that came before it, Lokinet keeps you out of sight on the internet. Much unlike onion routers that came before it, Lokinet is fast, lean, and can route traffic for almost any application, thanks to its support of both TCP and UDP traffic. Lokinet goes beyond your web browser — everything from a Raspberry Pi to a supercomputer can access Lokinet, and can even be deployed on hardware access points to secure all traffic entering and exiting a network. It’s versatile, powerful, and easy to use.

$OXEN: Instant, private, and stakeable

Session and Lokinet are just what’s built on top — powering it all is $OXEN itself, the cryptocurrency making all of this possible. $OXEN enables instant, private digital transactions with no security compromises, something no other usable cryptocurrency can truly claim. In an increasingly cashless world, $OXEN can be the digital cash that people need to stop their bank, government, or anyone else from knowing when they buy a coffee, a computer, or a car.

Of course, $OXEN isn’t only spendable — it’s stakeable. Hundreds of people all around the world have staked their Oxen into the service node network and are earning $OXEN rewards in return for securing the network and powering the future of decentralised online privacy.

Oxen can truly be used by anyone and everyone — and all of this is just the beginning.