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Weekly Dev Update #165

23 August 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

This week the Oxen core team finished up work on the Service Node batching PR, which is currently undergoing review by Jason. The Session team worked on webRTC calling for the mobile clients as well as various bug fixes and QoL updates. The desktop team overhauled some parts of the Session desktop conversations screen to match more closely with the mobile design. The Lokinet team was mostly working on other projects or out with illness this week, but the work on macOS support continues to forge ahead. 

Oxen Core


The Lokinet team were mostly out of commission this week due to illness and working on other parts of the project, but we’re back this week to hopefully put the finishing touches on the core macOS support. We have Lokinet functioning nicely on macOS so long as it is in exit mode, and hopefully just have one more kink to work out to get regular (non-exit) mode working properly this week.


Session Android 

Session iOS

Session Desktop



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