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Weekly Dev Update #170

27 September 2021Kee Jefferys

Hey y’all, 

Lots of backend changes this week for Session, with the majority of work being focused on the Session open group server, the push notification server and the file server, with new features and endpoints being added. The Lokinet team continued work on the liblokinet wrapper as well as dedicating some time to Windows configuration. The core team continued working on the Session open group server, and iterated further on wallet 3, finishing development of a basic view only wallet prototype. 

Oxen Core


This week’s work mostly focused on testing and building up the liblokinet embedded Lokinet. We’ve continued the ongoing improvements to the core liblokinet interface, while also developing a compatibility layer for nodejs. In addition, we spent some time working on updating the way Lokinet configures networking on Windows, as well as various smaller updates.


Session Android 

Session iOS

  • WebRTC voice call changes

Session Desktop 

Session Open Group Server 

  • individually and default-assignable read/write/upload

  • time-based permission expiries (e.g. restrict this permission for x amount of time)

  • distinguishing between admins (who can add/remove moderators) and moderators (who can only moderate but not control the moderator list)

  • global server moderators/admins

  • global server bans

  • single VIEW for simple querying of a user's effective permissions (i.e. with database-side coalescing of global/local permissions)

  • pinned message via foreign key

  • room icon as a regular uploaded file

  • per-file file expiries (so that admins/mods can upload non-expiry files, such as the room icon, or pinned downloads)

  • message history so that when messages get edited or deleted a log is kept of the old value (the idea being that mods would be able to look this up)

  • movable messages (e.g. so there could be a "bad posts" room that only moderators have access to)

Session Storage Server 



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