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Weekly Oxen Labs Update #207

11 July 2022Kee Jefferys

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This week on the Session team we continued our focus on the 3 primary tasks we have been working on for the past month or so: ID blinding, Emoji reacts and the Session database refactor. The Lokinet team stayed full steam ahead on macOS support and building towards a new client release. The core team made a big breakthrough in their collaboration with the Ledger team, and improved some behaviour related to the reporting of locked stakes.


Oxen Core


Session Android

Session Desktop

Session iOS



Welcome back everyone. Last week I mentioned that we had been spending time prepping for PETS, and this week has been no different. By the time you’re reading this, Alex and Kee are on their second day at the event, putting all of our hard work to good use. They’ll also be filming the video version of this update from Sydney, check that out at the top of the page. You should soon see some eye-popping content from them on our socials so you can keep up with what’s going on. If you happen to be attending, make sure you say hi! (Alex doesn’t bite, but Kee might)

Meanwhile, back in our Melbourne office, we’ve kept chugging along with our shiny new content strategy. Alex managed to find some time in between PETS prep to pen this lovely article which details one of our favourite Session user submissions we’ve ever received; love is in the air so we highly recommend the accompanying music. As you’ve probably noticed, our content has had a focus on dating over the last month, and we also worked with CoinTelegraph to publish this article which hits  on some of the same notes.

Alex and Tom also kept the content ball rolling with this video about privacy in our personal relationships. If you paid attention to our recent video about dating, surely you now find yourself in a long-term relationship, which means this video is for you (just kidding, it’s for everyone). 

Cam has been experimenting with some social media advertising, and so far it’s looking to be very effective, we’ll have more on that for you when we get some solid numbers. Apart from that the twitter has also been popping off, we’re seeing some lovely growth in addition to some more high-profile followers. This week Germán Garavano joined the ever growing roster of activists and scholars to take note of what we’re building here at the Oxen Labs.

Chris P has once again been killing it in support land, continuing to streamline the user experience when seeking support. We’ve already seen an increase in the efficiency with which we can respond to requests and that should only improve further with more streamlining. 

And for a quick update on our ads from Wes, he wanted me to mention that we hit 650k impressions again last week (and for a sneak peak, yesterday was our best day so far). 

That’s all from me folks, see you next week!

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