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What is Oxen?

Oxen is many things. A private cryptocurrency. A secure messaging platform. A network anonymity layer. A vision for a future where privacy is effortless.

We provide a range of tools and services powered by the Oxen network, enabling people all over the world to leverage the power of decentralised blockchain networks to achieve unparalleled privacy and security as they work, play, and live their day-to-day lives on the internet. But this this isn’t a plan we have for the future — our suite of privacy tools already exists, and it is already used by over half a million people.

Pulse, Oxen’s Proof of Stake implementation, makes $OXEN stakeable. This is the foundation of the Oxen network — a huge, global network of staked Oxen Service Nodes that power Oxen’s second-layer privacy tools and services, including Session, our end-to-end encrypted anonymous messenger, and Lokinet, a low-latency onion router for private browsing, voice and video calls, and more.

Blink is Oxen’s revolutionary instant anonymous payments mechanism, powering instant transactions with absolutely no privacy or security compromises — making $OXEN the world’s first privacy coin with no-compromise instant transactions.

Oxen is communication, information, and trade — but without having to give your personal data to Big Tech.