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Speed and scale: The power and potential of Lokinet

Onion routing is normally slow — but there's a better way. Lokinet is an onion-router with a lightweight protocol that can carry anything that fits inside an IP packet....

27 January 2022Alex Linton

Like a VPN, but better: The power and potential of Lokinet

VPNs are a useful tool, but they have weaknesses in terms of privacy, security, and anonymity. Onion routers like Lokinet can help solve these problems....

22 December 2021Alex Linton

Weekly Dev Update #73

Weekly Dev Update #73

Hey Y’all,  This week we made big progress on Lokinet and Loki Messenger. On the Loki Messenger side, we are putting most of our efforts into finishing multi-device support, which means solving lots of edge cases. For Lokinet, we are getting closer a...

04 November 2019Admin

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Upcoming mandatory service node upgrade

Everything that network operators need to know about the upcoming mandatory service node upgrade. 10.4.0 Wistful Wagyu will be released on Tuesday February 6, 2024 with a 2 week mandatory upgrade period....

06 February 2024Alex Linton

Session Token Rewards Contract v0.1

We have released the first public version of the smart contract which will be used to execute network operations using the new Session Token. 🎉...

16 January 2024Alex Linton

Session Lab Update: A Deep Breath In 🧘

We are beyond excited for what the project and the community can achieve together in 2024. ...

10 January 2024Admin

Say hello to Session Token 👋

Session Token is the cryptocurrency driving the future of Session. It is used for active staking, securing and rewarding the Session Network, and on-chain purchase of premium features in Session....

20 December 2023Chris McCabe

Session Token: Genesis Distribution

This doc explains what the state of play will be at token generation along with projections for the first few years of Session Token’s existence....

13 December 2023Chris McCabe

Session Token AMA: Token Swap Program

The Oxen top brass recently sat down to answer some of your burning questions about the Session Token Swap Program. We're here with a summary of all the questions they answered, or you can check out the video for the full experience....

09 December 2023Admin

Session Lab Update: New beginnings

Welcome to the first ever edition of the Session Lab Update — learn about tokenomics, website building, and the Token Swap Program. ...

04 December 2023Admin

It’s token time: Session Token Swap Program

It’s token time: Session Token Swap Program

A total of 60,000,000 Session Tokens are reserved in the Session Token Swap Program through Oxen Token Claims and Service Node Bonus....

02 December 2023Chris McCabe

Chainflip Token Generation: Hello, world!

Chainflip has taken their biggest step yet, with a successful Token Generation Event. A big good onya mate to our Berliner friends across the pond — this is a massive achievement....

24 November 2023Alex Linton

Announcement: New Lab Updates

There’s a better way to handle the Lab Updates and share our progress with the community— and we are going to do that starting from now. ...

09 November 2023Kee Jefferys

Weekly Oxen Labs Update #271

Closed Groups Chunk 2, EVM work continues, Session Token Discord incoming, and more in this weeks Oxen Labs Update!...

31 October 2023Kee Jefferys

Weekly Oxen Labs Update #270

Setting up the Session Token Discord, disappearing messages progress, Lokinet overhauling, and more in this weeks Oxen Labs Update!...

24 October 2023Kee Jefferys